Friday, November 20, 2009

Close ups

waving 'Hi'

Cuddles with Mummy

Cuddles with beautiful Auntie Kristin, and her dolly

We are home now from the hospital !What a feeling, coming home with a baby after not being able to with Noah.  It's so hard, in many ways, emotional and physical- yet also so, very wonderful.  So far we've breast fed a few times (painful, but great), had a little swing in the swing, and met the puppy.... casey isn't too impressed, but I think he will be okay.


Hope's Mama said...

We're home, too! So glad you are as well. Your Charlotte is a doll. We're both so lucky to have one of each, yet so unlucky. I wish it was so different. We should really keep in touch as I suspect we might be a great help to each other over the coming weeks and months! Kisses to your girl.

mj said...

Charlotte is just gorgeous Jane - I am so happy for you. Enjoy this precious time.

Rebekah said...

She's beautiful!!! I love the picture of her waving :)

Krista said...

She does look like Noah. I didn't see it in the first couple pictures I saw, but now I see it. And yet, she's distinct.

Tracey said...

She's sooo lovely! The photo of her cuddled onto your chest is beautiful - you both look so content.

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