Monday, November 23, 2009

A different 'motherhood'

Ohh... I don't like this water thing.. but I do like being clean!

I do like getting my hair washed... as long as it only takes about 30 seconds.. after that- NO FUN!

A close-up of Charlotte in her stroller ready for a walk

Out on our first walk around the block. Once I can go up and down hills (it hurts my incision right now) we will take a little walk to Noah's tree!

She's changing a lot - even though she is only 6 days old. It's nice to see her getting stronger and more alert.
Emotions are running high for Matt and I.. and of course it's a mixture of complete love, excitement, and adoration for Charlotte, and sadness, 'what if's' and wishing things were different for her big brother Noah.

At times, more now than last week- she looks exactly like her brother. It's a good thing- to see 'him' in her. It's nice to know that his siblings, or at least one, will carry on some of his traits- even though it is something so tiny- like the curl  of his lips, or where the crown is on the top of his head.

So far this 'motherhood'- when mothering a child here on earth is at most times, wonderful. We are getting more sleep than I though, although broken. She is eating well, although at times I feel like soon, I will have no nipples left. She sleeps well, although I find myself spending a lot of time watching her on the monitor, or wanting to hold her while she sleeps- so I can make sure she is ok.

I love her so much. As I love Noah. I know what it's like to lose this love, and it's something that my soul cannot take again. I will do everything in my power to make sure she lives a long, happy and peaceful life!



Krista said...

She does look so much like Noah. I can't believe it.

Also, I'm glad you're getting some sleep. That's great news!

Postpartum is a very emotional time for mommies - especially about a week about birth. (Or so I've heard. My mom said it was quite the roller coaster for her.) Couple that with the joy of taking home your baby and the sadness of Noah, and that makes an emotional mummy (and daddy), indeed.

I love all the pictures on facebook (in case you can't tell by my million comments)!

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