Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Week

One Week.... One Week... seems so close.. yet... so not.

I've been increasingly anxious the past 2 days... so anxious that I'm not sleeping well, and can barely function like a regular person.

Luckily my Mum is hereto cook and clean, and has a clear head on her shoulders.

I wish they could just take  Charlotte out now, so she could be here, and whatever is meant to happen with her, happens. which hopefully will be more 'normal' this time, new to me. I know that won't stop my anxiety... but, I also think in many ways, it will help.

One week.... one week.... ONE WEEK!



Hope's Mama said...

Waiting, waiting with you. Hoping I only have a week left as well, or hopefully even less. I don't have a date like you, but 38 weeks next week is pretty much my cut off. Wasn't ready to be induced this week, but hopefully I am next week. I just want him out......

Beth said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeee! one week!!!!

Krista said...

Good luck. I know you're anxious, and there's nothing I can say to diffuse that. I wish you the best on Tuesday, and I'm hoping that this time is "normal". I'm sure while Noah would love to play with his baby sister, he'd much rather wait and let you have her.

Good luck, and Wade and I can't wait to meet Charlotte! :)

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