Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Powder Dish

Remember this post? About my husbands Grandma, who lost 2 children as infants (6 days and 6 months).

A couple weeks ago, when Matt's Mom came to visit, she brought with her a little package, a wrapped package in a bag, with a little tag marked 'FRAGILE'. Inside the package was this:

It's a little tricky to take a picture of it, since it's glass, and I'm not a good photographer!
Inside this was a note, explaining that this was given to Grannie Lloyd for Joan, her daughter, when she was pregnant with her. It is a powder dish, I guess in the 'old days' powder would come in this, with a little brush.
She did name her daughter, but from what she speaks about her- she wasn't allowed to see her, because the doctors knew she was going to die. They thought it would be best if the mother just stayed away. Apparently Matt's Grampie and Great Grandma did see Joan- but they did not allow Grannie to see her. Joan had Spina Bifida, and died when she was 6 days old. Imagine that- nowadays- that would be 6 days to spend with this precious child- however, nowadays- Joan would probably have lived longer.
This little powder dish, which, ironically reads 'Round the clock with baby, is all she had. all she had. everything. no pictures, not even any memories of what her sweet child looked like. no nothing. just this.
Obviously this was special to her, of course it was. Yet, she chose to give it to me, to Charlotte, to Matt. I think she can sense the unfortunate capability we have to understand in some what what she went through. I think she knows that others don't even remember her babies, Joan and Dale. I think that she worried about when she died, if this powder dish would just be another thing thrown in the dumpster- when in actual fact- it is worth more than that- it is priceless.
This little powder dish is precious to me, and is a reminder that NO baby is forgotten by their mothers. This could have been thrown away a long time ago, when she moved, when her husband died, when she made a nursery for her living son, my father-in-law. But it wasn't.. she didn't forget, like the hospital wanted her to.. she remembers, she still does, she always will. So will I.


Beth said...

what a wonderful and priceless gift!!

Beth said...

and I was going to say too... I cant believe that in SIX DAYS she never saw her baby! That is too sad... and like you said, would be unthinkable today.

Audrey said...

What a thoughtful gift! So awful that in the past they wouldn't let the parents see the baby. I'm so thankful for the time I was able to spend with Cole and Breanna.
You're right, a mother will never forget and now her precious children will be remembered by you and the jar will be passed down to Charolotte who will in turn share the story with her children... and so on.

Krista said...

Grannie Lloyd's story haunts me. That she could think she had bad genes is just devastating.

It's sad she barely got to meet her daughter. And it's incredibly beautiful that she gave you & Matt that wonderful keepsake! I'm sure she is so happy to know you'll treasure it for the value it has.

My mother-in-law has a minor form of spina bifada. In fact, it's so mild that it was only diagnosed later in life.

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